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2020: My Year in Photos

I took this photo as I began to write this post and, not even five minutes later, this beautiful girl decided to throw up a mixture of formula and peaches across my chest. I guess that's the perfect description for 2020, right?

I owe ya'll a bigger life update. School picked up in November and when it was finished earlier this month, I just didn't have the creative juices left to get something up here. However, I saw some of my friends doing their year in review photo blogs, so I figured I'd add my own.

It's amazing looking through the photos this year because some of the ones I took during projects in January or March feel like ages ago. I forgot some of them even happened this year.

This photo of Krystal and Ken from a January Our York Media shoot is one of those "this happened in 2020?" photos.

Most of these photos are shot on my Nikon D610. Thanks to my caring family, I moved to the Nikon D780 in November. The biggest difference has been the quality of the image produced at low light.

The first photo comes from a York Crafted event in February, while the second comes from my brother-in-law's engagement in December. They both are similar ISO and similar lighting situations (read, not much). The reduced levels of grain in the second photo are a game changer.

I'm excited to see what more I can discover with this camera and I'm sure I'll be blogging about it shortly.

All that said, here's the rest of my favorites from the year. Thank you for reading and I hope to bring you more fun in 2021!

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