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The Power of Photography

This quick story showcases part of the reason I love working in photography. 

“I just never saw myself in that light before.” 

On April 21, I was scheduled to do a graduation photoshoot for two of my students, Brooke and Kaitlyn. The plan was to leave there and head to a Philly Shutter Club event, where another one of my students, Neysha, was going to do some modeling for the first time. 

After we finished the graduation shoot, I asked Brooke and Kaitlyn if they wanted to come and be hype women for Neysha. They did, so they took the trip with us to Fairmount Park for the meet up. 

While Brooke, Kaitlyn, Neysha and I were talking, photographer Maca Ramirez came up and asked if Brooke and Kaitlyn wanted to model. Neither one came there with the intention of modeling, but since they were dressed for a graduation shoot, they agreed. 

Brooke and Kaitlyn went with Maca while I went with Neysha. About 30 minutes later, we all linked back up. When I asked how their photoshoot went, Kaitlyn said this quick: 

“It went great. I just never saw myself in that light before.” 

Over the next few days, other photographers who were part of the Philly Shutter Club that weekend began posting their photos from the event. Now back at college, Neysha started receiving her photos. I was with her when she got a set of photos back (also from Maca) and Neysha began to turn red. 

They were amazing, she said. She kept going through the photos over and over. Each time, she left baffled by herself in the photos – seemingly unaware that she could do this. She got the itch to do more. 

“I can’t wait for the next one.” 


I remember being a teenager playing football and rugby, waiting for the photos from my high school’s photographer from those games. It’s a rush to go through all the photos. 

Someone recently asked why I shoot so much, especially at games or in competitions. The answer is always simple – I want everyone who sees me shoot photos to get at least one photo of them. 

I know the power that those photos have on people. It’s moments like Kaitlyn’s or Neysha’s that reinforce it for me. Even if those photos weren’t my photos that they were glowing about (they did later, which is also amazing, but besides the point), I love seeing that reaction. 

Why do I love being a photographer? It’s the power to change someone’s perception of themselves in a positive light. 

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